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Farmington Mom Finds "Me Time" Through Exercise

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Farmington Mom Finds "Me Time" Through Exercise

Katie is a busy mom of three little girls (including a set of 2-year-old twins) and has been thrilled to exercise with us while her 4-year-old daughter, Addie, dances just a few rooms away!  The convenience of having “me" time while knowing Addie is having a ball dancing has been a wonderful experience!

“When I found out that I could workout while daughter, Addie, was in dance class, I knew I had to recommit to a healthier lifestyle, so I started taking fitness classes.  I think it’s so important for my three young daughters to see me trying to live a healthy lifestyle and the importance of movement!

My husband and I have moved a couple times over the years for work, and I always had a great fitness studio in each city.   After moving to Michigan in August 2020, I had been out of my workout routine after having twins, followed by the onset of the lockdowns.  I’m so happy to have found Mid American, where we have found a wonderful place for our daughter to dance as well as a great fitness studio!

Taking a couple of classes per week has allowed me to carve out some time for myself.  Beyond the obvious benefits of working out, the classes have improved my mood and have given me a chance to reset my fitness goals.  Everyone is so friendly. I always feel welcome in class!  Also, it is very convenient having fitness and dance classes in one place.  I love knowing that my daughter is in class right down the hall from me!

For any dance parent considering the fitness classes—I say to try it!! The hardest part is committing to show up and you’re already at the studio!”

For more information about youth dance classes, visit midamericanstudio.com

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