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Our Biggest Tip To Feel Confident This Summer!

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Our Biggest Tip To Feel Confident This Summer!

Every spring, people often make the comment, "Time to work on my summer body!" and go into overdrive obsessing over every perceived flaw.

And, every spring, we say the same things…

If you do have a little physical change that you want to see before hitting the beach, aim to be more consistent year-round to make it easier on yourself.  That way, you won’t feel overwhelmed at the thought of reaching certain goals in time for Memorial Day (aka the unofficial start to summer).

Plus, to help boost your consistency, energy, and make you feel better overall: take control of your plate!  Aim to eat protein, carbs, and healthy fats at every meal.  Spring and summer seasons are great for going to the local farmer’s market for tons of rainbow-colored fruits and veggies.

But, here’s our #1 tip, for having the best summer body ever:

When summer rolls around… throw on that bathing suit, dress, shorts, tank top, or whatever it is that you want to wear!

Accept the body that you have now!  Embrace and love the body you’re in – just as it is – right this moment.  Being confident in your skin is not dependent on your size, shape, or the number on a scale.  It’s not dependent on any measurement of beauty that society has conditioned us to see as “best.”

There’s no shortage of less-than-empowering body image messages in the world. All of it can lead to comparison that almost inevitably leads to negative self-talk.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be (or stay) that way.  You can take back control!

Your body does so many amazing things:
It breathes for you.
It lets you climb mountains and see sunsets.
It lets you wrap your arms around loved ones.
It’s the only place you truly have to live.

Speak kindly to yourself.  Think kindly about yourself.  Look in the mirror and appreciate the life you’re able to live because of how your body supports you.

Yes, you are allowed to love yourself and want to make changes.  But, the changes you want to make shouldn’t come at the expense of living fully present, embracing what’s uniquely beautiful about you, and recognizing that you are always enough.

And remember, clothes are made to fit your body, not the other way around.  So, choose the size that fits you right now and work it!

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