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Let the Music Move You!

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Let the Music Move You!

Music is the "universal language" for good reason!  It has the power to transform moods, thoughts, energy and so much more.  With that kind of power, it's no wonder that music is a foundational part of any  great exercise routine.

In fact, here are 5 great ways that music can elevate your workout:

1. It naturally boosts happiness - Music boosts dopamine (a hormone that drives your brain's rewards system) and that triggers feelings of well-being.  Between the music's dopamine and exercise's innate serotonin boost, you'll be on cloud nine!

2. Helps minimize pain - A great playlist can help you push through challenging exercises and distract you from sore muscles so that you're empowered to finish your workout. 

3. Is motivating - Whether it's inspiring lyrics or feel-good beats, music can propel you to through a high-energy sweat sesh or set the stage for a relaxing yoga practice.  Think about the iconic scene from the movie Rocky where Sylvestor Stallone runs up the steps.  The song that plays during that scene sets the motivation, inspiration, and perseverance.  Fast forward several decades, and that song remains iconic for the same reason.  Play it and the song propels the listener to believe they can achieve anything.  Flip that same logic to a great song during a workout and exercise magic happens!

4. Reduces stress and anxiety - Heart-pumping music to rev up your energy or soothing tunes to relax your mind and body?  There's a perfect playlist for every type of workout that guarantees to make it even better.  No matter your mindset when you begin your workout, having the right music allows you to let go of the day's stresses and channel your energy into moving in a way that makes you feel your best.

5. Time flies - A 60-minute workout is just 15 songs - 15!  When the music is just right, you won't even notice how much time has passed.  Great music means you're too busy riding good vibes to watch the clock.  And, before you know it, the workout is done and you feel accomplished and rejuvenated.

The great news?  All of our fitness classes are pumped up with unique playlists that are perfect for high-energy workout, soothing workouts and everything in between!

Start Feeling Your Best With Mid American Fitness!

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