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Reframe How You View Exercise!

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Reframe How You View Exercise!

“Health is a state of body, wellness is a state of being.” – J. Stanford

These two states may focus on different parts of a whole, but they are very much intertwined with one another. When you’re in good health and your thyroid is operating properly, you experience benefits like:

  • Having more energy
  • You're likely to have less aches and pains
  • Stairs aren’t as demanding
  • You have a lower risk of injury and disease
  • You get quality sleep
  • So much more!

When you feel good physically, you continue the behaviors that have lead to a healthy state - and exercise is a big part of that.

But, the impact of a fitness routine goes beyond the physical. When feel good in your skin - whatever that looks like for you - that feeling spills into other areas of life and you carry yourself differently. The ability to do something that may have been a challenge not only provides feelings of accomplishment, but also a belief that you can do other hard things.

It can also be a great emotional release. Life can be hard and what most people don’t realize is, the body stores that energy in the organs, tissue, and muscles. For example, have you ever felt tight in your neck when you’ve been experiencing stress?  We all need an outlet for the emotions that we experience that comes with life’s struggles. Whether it’s simply a way to re-direct focus or your body letting go of suppressed negative feelings through unexpected, end- of-workout tears, exercise is often that outlet.

Group fitness offers an opportunity to connect with others, forge friendships. The energized, positive atmosphere and fellow participants have the additional side effect of bringing out those same things in ourselves. While running, bike rides, neighborhood walks, and slower-paced modalities such as yoga and Pilates - activities where, even if you have music playing - is a chance for you to connect to yourself and your thoughts.

Not to mention, in the words of Elle Woods, “Exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy.”

Intentional exercise may be the most obvious driver of this cycle, but general and less-structured movement in daily life has more impact on each of these same aspects of overall wellness than you may think. Take a look at your life. What are things you do or don’t do when you’re feeling down? How do those things compare to when you’re feeling happier?

While there are a lot of factors, generally, when you’re more active you feel better, happier. And, when you feel better and happier, you’re more likely to either have the energy or find the determination within yourself to be more active. But, you’re also more likely to be more engaged in with loved ones and more confident to chase other goals. In short, you’re more active in all aspects of your life.

So whether you’re squatting, skipping, or strolling, moving your body positively moves your well-being and your life which is always a win.

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