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Renew You Small Group Fitness in Farmington Hills

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Take On The Best Workouts In Our Small Group Fitness Classes in Farmington Hills

What if you could combine the best aspects of tailored fitness training with the support and excitement of incredible friends by your side?

Well, at Mid American Fitness, you can.

Our Renew You Small Group Fitness program is the perfect intersection of customized fitness training and high-energy group fitness classes. We're helping men and women all across Farmington Hills and Novi enjoy long-lasting success and we can't wait for you to be next.

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Why Is Our Renew You Fitness Training Right For You?

Our goal in this system is to find the best balance between one-on-one coaching and the big group setting. We're giving people of all fitness levels the opportunity to enjoy professional instruction and a dedicated support system that can help you dig deep and get the most out of every movement.

Our Renew You program is a 4-week program that is perfect for beginners trying to learn more or for someone returning to a fitness setting that's looking to renew their commitment to themselves. Through weekly progressive workouts, our small group increases their confidence, improves their overall fitness, and gains a sense of empowerment. Our twice-weekly training incorporates low-impact body weight and cardio workouts as well as various fitness equipment such as hand weights, resistance bands, aerobics steps, and TRX suspension.

At Mid American Fitness, we are proud to help men and women all across Farmington Hills enjoy:

  • Sustainable strength gains and lean muscle toning
  • Total-body fat burning and healthy weight loss strategies
  • Improved heart health and cardiovascular endurance
  • Dynamic athleticism for all aspects of life

And Yeah, You'll Feel Energized Like Never Before

That's the whole point of the Small Group Fitness setting - to surround you with supporters and give you the motivation to get the very most out of your body.

At Mid American Fitness, we're giving you the chance to train alongside people of all different backgrounds and skill sets from Farmington Hills, Novi and beyond. We have complete beginners working out alongside lifelong athletes. In our classes, we have your back through every setback and we celebrate your every success.

Come see us here in Farmington Hills today and take on:

  • Hands-on coaching
  • Dynamic training strategies
  • Ongoing support and encouragement
  • More motivation than ever before

Get Started Today With Our Small Group Fitness Classes In Farmington Hills

Join us here at Mid American Fitness and take your training to the next level. We're offering dynamic Small Group Fitness classes that are great for people of all experience levels.

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Start Feeling Your Best With Mid American Fitness!

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